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Vision, Mission & Aims


To provide a Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets that is an organisational model of excellence, remaining true to the ideals laid down in its constitution, especially the provision of aviation and other challenging activities to enable and give opportunity for every member to achieve their highest potential.


In a constantly changing society, uphold a vibrant and worthwhile GVCAC supported by a trained and committed staff.

To promote and develop the GVCAC within the community so as to encourage optimum participation and enjoyment.


To meet and where possible exceed the aspirations of young women by providing an aviation, adventure and travel-based programme of activity.

To provide leadership and example to the country’s youth and maintain an atmosphere and openness to ensure everyone wanting to join is made welcome.


To abide by the aims of Every Child Matters and to provide citizenship training through a structured and flexible programme including training, leadership, opportunity, experience and participation, in pursuit of the following objectives:

1. Be Healthy

  • To create and develop an awareness of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle through participation and experience.
  • Promoting an ethos that encourages participation in competitive activity both within the GVCAC and between other youth organisations.

2. Stay Safe

  • To provide programmes within a controlled safe environment that contribute to Young People being protected from harm and neglect and growing up able to look after themselves.
  • Providing Cadets with a safe environment away from bullying or discrimination.
  • To ensure every leader and helper is CRB checked and the GVCAC fulfils its responsibilities regarding child protection.

3. Enjoy and achieve

  • Aviation training to foster a developing and intelligent interest in all aspects of aviation and its supporting industry.
  • To utilise the best and most up-to-date training methods to encourage and achieve success.
  • To encourage and promote schemes such as Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and similar.
  • To Promote, encourage and provide opportunities for travel to promote a greater understanding of:
    • The people of other nations.
    • World affairs.
    • Self reliance.
    • Confidence.
    • Cultural similarities and differences.
    • Wider experience and appreciation of different cultures.

4. Make a positive contribution

  • To enhance the quality and prospect for life for young girls and especially those who are disadvantaged physically, mentally or socially.
  • To encourage all aspects of Service to the Community.
  • To encourage the spirit of adventure and develop the qualities of leadership and citizenship.
  • Develop skilled, confident and experienced Cadets.

5. Achieve economic well-being

  • To help overcome income barriers and achieve their full potential in life.
  • Provide a structure and environment to continually develop skills, knowledge and experience.
  • To value competition and winning but not more than character and performance.
  • To support the development of learning and opportunities for practical experience to prepare Cadets for future employment.