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Overseas Opportunities

One of the greatest opportunities for older Cadets is to be selected to represent the Corps on the International Air Exchange Scheme.

Air Cadets from many countries take part in this exchange scheme. In recent years, Cadets have gone to the USA, Canada and the Netherlands to name a few.

In addition to seeing tourist attractions and taking part in aviation visits, the Cadets are hosted by families in the country and have the opportunity of sharing their way of life.

The aim of the exchange is to promote international understanding and goodwill.

Activity Camps – Overseas

Areas and Units often organise overseas events such as Skiing, Activity Camps and Visits.

Nijmegen International Marches

Every year, we endeavour to enter a Team or Individuals from the Corps to take part in the Nijmegen International Marches in the Netherlands where they march 100 miles in four days (or 75 for the junior distance.)

These marches take place annually and are organised by the Royal Netherlands League for Physical Culture and are intended to foster a spirit of understanding between the thousands of marchers from all nations as well as demonstrating the physical fitness of participants.

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For more information on overseas opportunities for Cadets, please contact us.