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Who We Are

The Girls Venture Corps was formed in 1964 following a merger between the Girls Training Corps and the Women’s Junior Air Corps. Air Cadets was added to the title at the request of the membership in 1987. Today our membership is open to young women between the ages of 11 – 20. We offer many opportunities and experiences from camping to crafts and flying to canoeing.

Units meet weekly and operate a structured programme. Activities locally, regionally and nationally can include aviation studies (including air experience flights) overseas travel, ski ability, service to the community, first aid and crafts just to name a few of the vast activities we offer. We offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s to those aged 14 plus and have our own challenge award for everyone aged 11 upwards, syllabuses such as in the mood for food and film challenge keep our programme, up to date, challenging and fun. Weekend camps and courses add another dimension to our programme.