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Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a programme of practical, helpful and adventurous activities designed for use by young people no matter what their background or culture.

For many years, the Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets has been an operating authority for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Many members of the organisation have gained bronze, silver and gold awards.

DofE With A Difference

The coronavirus doesn’t mean your DofE needs to stop – far from it. Here’s everything you need to keep yours going –

There Are Three Awards

Each of the awards is divided into four sections:

  • Bronze Award(14+)
  • Silver Award (15+)
  • Gold Award (16+) *

* At Gold Award level a further Residential Project needs to be undertaken.


Aimed to encourage young people to realise that as members of a community they have a responsibility to others and that their time can be well spent. Types of service could be; helping out at a charity shop, helping at a sports club and volunteering at an animal sanctuary.


Aimed to encourage the spirit of adventure and discovery. The expeditions must have a purpose which may take the form of a project to record their journey.


Aimed to encourage young people to discover and develop new interests, personal and social skills. Individual progress and sustained interest over a time period is more important than attaining a fixed standard.

Physical Recreation

Aimed to encourage participation in sport and to show improvement in personal performance.

Residential Project (Gold Award)

Aimed to broaden experience through involvement with others in a residential setting. It is designed to provide the opportunity for the individual to develop maturity and to accept responsibility.

Further Information

For more information on The Duke of Edinburgh Award, please visit

If you would like to join the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme then please speak to your unit officer or contact our headquarters.